The Wardrobe Essentials You Won’t be Taking Off This Summer

The Wardrobe Essentials You Won’t be Taking Off This Summer

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It’s starting to heat up – and it’s time to swap in this season’s summer trends. This summer may look a little different but the style has taken the best out of the comfort and ease of our home-bound year, and embraces the outdoors.

Here’s how to keep your wardrobe fresh as we welcome warmer weather and make the most of the last months of 2020!

The Capsule Wardrobe

Everyone is talking about the “capsule wardrobe” – but it’s less a trend and more a state of mind. The capsule concept is chic and eco-friendly, with an emphasis on basing your wardrobe around quality staples that can be rotated and accessorised to freshen your look.


Textured – swimsuits in textured fabric are seen everywhere this season, with crocheted, ribbed, and velvety options to make a simple design sing.

Coloured – This season’s swimsuits around the world are not shy – it’s all about the colour with bright orange particularly visible in more ways than one (it’s a “YES” from us!).

Prints – Chic prints make a suit stand out. Animal prints are seen everywhere this season, with some of the biggest stars also embracing geometric abstract prints for major wow factor.

Knots and belts – Accessories aren’t just for daywear – this season’s swimwear takes it up a notch with the inclusion of statement belts. Knotted fronts are also a big feature.

Sun smart – We’ve left the days of the ugly rashy far behind us. Some incredible Australian designers are turning out fashionable long-sleeved one pieces that are perfectly created to protect the skin and turn heads at the same time.


The white tee. Ok, so it’s not a daring statement piece – but a good quality white t-shirt needs to be a wardrobe staple for you this summer. To mix it up and make the most of the Australian sun, invest in some plain singlets and tank tops. This season’s singlets have wider straps, leaving spaghetti straps far behind.

Luxe sweats. It’s a fashion trend straight from 2020 quarantine and one we can get behind. More than just your ratty sweatpants you’ve saved from years past, high-quality athleisure wear can be dressed up with heels or paired with a simple sneaker. Bike shorts have also resurrected becoming a statement piece with an oversized tee.

The blazer. The blazer is turning its back on its traditional formal purpose and hitting the streets, paired with denim or natural fibres to provide a contrast in styles. In the Australian heat, choose fabrics like linen to keep you cool while you stay chic.

Longer shorts. Short shorts are going to be seen less, in favour of breezy Bermuda shorts with a bit more length. Higher waisted and longer in the leg, they offer a more effortless option. For denim, choose long-line shorts instead of the tiny shorts of last year.

The sarong. This ‘90s staple is on its way back and lets you walk from the beach to the bar. Lay on your sarong on the sand, then strut the streets wrapped in simple style – perfect summer flair!


Sandals. Tiny sandals are the go-to shoe for this summer, baring it all with little straps and ties. Wrap-around and roman sandals are particularly on-trend.

Bold sunglasses. The best sunglasses for this season are ones that protect your eyes and suit your face – so no need to go updating from last year. On trend colours are rose tints and anything that makes a statement.

An oversized tote. It’s back and it’s practical – the oversized tote is the perfect mix of function and style. Straw totes are the summer go-to, with a straw, wicker, and raffia option to suit everyone.

Minimal sneakers. We’ve had a few seasons of garish, chunky sneakers, but this season embraces simple designs that work with everything. A clean, androgynous stylishness, simple white sneakers can be worn with breezy or structured outfits, dressed up or down, are comfortable and practical.

Perfect Summer Style

Comfort and class are the main focus of this season. Keep your style effortless, chic, and relaxed, basing it around solid statement pieces that stand the test of time.

Above all, no matter what you’re wearing this season, no one looks good with a sunburn. Make sun safety your number one priority, and protect your skin with Carroten.

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