2021 Sunglasses Trends

2021 Sunglasses Trends

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Sun protection is not just about choosing the right Carroten sunscreen – it can also be about looking good! We look at the sunglasses trends for 2021 that will have you looking on trend while protecting your eyes.

One of the most important factors for keeping your skin sun-safe is to choose a high SPF sunscreen, like any from the Carroten Range that provide SPF 30+ protection. But while your skin needs protection, don’t forget to also protect your eyes. Sunglasses are the best way to keep your sensitive eyes safe from UV rays, and you can be fashion-forward at the same time! Here are some of the hottest sunglasses trends for 2021.

Blast from the Past

By far, the most obvious trend for this season’s eye wear is retro-themed glasses. This retro focus is drawing inspiration from a wide range of eras, so there really is something for everyone. Mix traditional frames with modern lenses, pair an unexpected colour with an otherwise retro frame, or keep your sunglasses true to the era that inspired them.

Oversized Retro

Big sunnies are back, and there are a range of oversized frames to choose from to stay in style. Shield-shaped glasses have become popular, with their oversized lens often paired with a mirror finish.

Other retro styles have also gone large - think oversized Grandad frames, with thick edges. To keep your style current, look for options with modern coloured lenses.


Let’s be honest, the cat-eye never left – but it has gone from being a risky choice by the fashion-forward, to a staple accessory for a modern wardrobe. Cat-eye frames can be dramatic or subtle, in a range of shapes and sizes.

Try tortoiseshell or black for a classic look, or go with a transparent frame for a modern twist. 

‘60s White Frames

It’s all about the frame with this striking nod to the ‘60s. Thick, shiny white frames in bold shapes are glamorous and remarkable. With roots in the '60s, of course there are round styles – but there are also more risky shapes on offer.  Be fashion forward with a flicked pair or oversized rectangles.


Another shape that has survived the test of time, recent fashion shows have seen a resurgence in aviator-shaped sunglasses. To keep this classic style modern, choose extremely thin frames and consider pairing them with mirrored or tinted lenses. 


The ‘90s brought us micro rectangle-shaped sunglasses, and 2021 is bringing them back. While they started to appear last year, the most current season features this style in a big way. Thin metal frames used to be the height of fashion, but these days you’ll stand out more with a chunkier plastic design.


This season, it’s not just about the frame – one of the most important features of your glasses is the lens.

Pair your trendy frames with one of these lens styles to complete your look:

  • Let your style shine through with transparent lenses. It’s important not to sacrifice UV protection, but it is possible to get even completely clear lenses that still protect your eyes.
  • Starting out dark at the top and ending almost transparent at the bottom, lenses with a colour gradient let you have the best of both coloured and transparent styles.
  • Two-toned. In a nod to the groovy past, this season’s lenses combine two colours for maximum impact.
  • Mirror lenses. With their highly reflective surface, mirror lenses make a powerful fashion statement while still being versatile enough to wear with almost anything. Pair mirrored lenses with the classic thin aviator frames or massive shield-styled glasses.

Did you know your eyes can get sunburned? Acute photo keratopathy is a sunburned cornea, and it’s only one of the short-term effects of not protecting your eyes. The long-term effects can be even more serious.

Wearing a hat with a broad brim can reduce the amount of UV radiation that reaches your eyes by around 50% - but add some glasses, and your sensitive eyes are protected from 98% of UV radiation.  While staying in style is important for your overall look, choosing sunglasses that are rated with high levels of UV protection is absolutely essential for keeping safe in the sun.

Keeping your eyes covered is essential to look your best and stay safe in the sun. For the rest of your body, there’s Carroten. 

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