Sun & Tanning FAQs

All sun products produced are cruelty free.

Unfortunately, we cannot universally claim that we are vegan-friendly as there are some products within the range that have the presence of beeswax derivative in the formulations, which is considered as an animal-derived ingredient.

Carroten combines natural ingredients with cosmetic technology, to provide a range of high-quality sun care products that are not tested on animals.

Sun care products must undergo dermatological controls in order to ensure maximum safety and health for those who use them.

All Carroten sun care products undergo constant dermatological controls. They are also phototoxicity tested, in vivo.

The rate at which one tans will depend on the skin's phototype.

Should your type be 1 or 2 (very light/sensitive skin), the tanning process will occur at a slower pace as your skin produces melanin in small quantities.

Although your skin colour changes more slowly when you wear sunscreen, the resulting tan will be deeper and longer-lasting as the sunscreen will prevent your skin from burning and peeling.

Whether your skin is already tanned or you are naturally darker, you should never remain unprotected.

The increased amount of melanin can protect you from sunburn but not from the negative effects of sun exposure.

Incorrect use of sunscreen products poses a threat to the health of the skin.

Particularly in the summer, sunscreen products should be applied on dry skin, at least 30 minutes before sun exposure and in sufficient quantity. You need to reapply regularly, at least every 2 hours and definitely every time you get out of the water or sweat excessively.

For an adult, the recommended application is 5mL (approximately one teaspoon) for each arm, leg, body front, body back and face (including neck and ears). That equates to a total of 35mL (approximately seven teaspoons) for a full body application.

UV protective filters can be weakened by sun radiation, degrading their protective capabilities and allowing harmful rays to penetrate the skin. It is, consequently, essential for filters tο be “photostable”, in order to provide optimal protection. 

All Carroten suncare products contain photostable filters. 

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In terms of sun allergy, we advise the avoidance of tanning all together. Our intensive gel does not offer any kind of sun protection since it has no SPF filters. 

We do advise however, the use of a protective sunscreen with a high SPF (50+) that is both kind to sensitive skin and fragrance free.

Our products are not self-tanners, and are carefully designed for use in the sun. Always remember to apply SPF before the use of any of our tanning products.

We don’t recommend the combination of these two products. The sunscreens/gels/oils should be used before/during your exposure to the sun, while the self-tan is used in the exact opposite way.

Tanning oils & gels are intended for body use. Due to their oily composition and the fact that they have no protection (SPF) filters we do not recommend their use on the face.

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